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Dear Members and Friends,

We hope you're enjoying our regular newsletters and look forward to seeing you soon!

On behalf of all the WBCG comittee, we extend a merry Christmas to all our members, friends and supporters. 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year and we're all looking forward to some fun times ahead.

WBCG Christmas Lunch at Pippis  


WBCG Christmas Lunch will be held at EAT @ Pippi's, Speers Point. We hope you can join us for festivities! Check out their menu: 


When: Sunday 4th December
Time: 12 midday for lunch
Where: corner of The Esplanade & Main Road, Speers Point

Cost: Food and drinks at your cost 

RSVP: Before Wednesday 30th November, 2011 (BE QUICK!) 


Please RSVP so we can make sure we book enough seats at the restaurant! All welcome - we hope to see you there!  

Will you be attending the Christmas Party?
Let us know either way...

WBCG Raffle will be drawn at the Christmas Party! Tickets still available for purchase on the day. 

Please contact Trish if you have any questions.

2011 Living Smart Festival
Major Success
Smart Living Festival
Smart Living Festival
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Thanks to everyone for your huge efforts to make this year's Living Smart Festival stall such a success. Many people behind the scenes contributed a huge amount of time and effort to ensure the success of our stall.  


We had so many great conversations with so many great local people. We spoke to hundreds of friendly local residents who were interested and supportive of the community garden. From the many kids whose eyes lit up as they had their face painted to all the backyard gardeners who bought our beautiful organic seedlings, the response was fantastic. 


We also spoke at length to some of the movers and shakers in Lake Macquarie and we got our message out on ABC radio too. We think the ABC chose us because of the contribution we made to the day with the teepees and our group's inclusive community focus. So the thanks for all of that must go out to the members in our group, whose actions speak louder than words. We have shown a level of patience and persistence that was described by a local gardening guru as "a triumph".


Our stall had a constant buzz from the minute we set up to the minute we packed up, and it wasn't just the bee man next door! :)


Every dollar raised at our stall will, of course, go straight back to the community to help build the Warners Bay Community Garden in Bunya Park.



Quality Cow Manure Available 

BusybeeWe only have a few bags of cow manure left over from the festival. The manure is washed, screened, milled and bagged with nothing added (no fillers).
3 bags for $10 or $4 each
Be quick to avoid disappointment!
100% proceeds to WBCG 

Available for pickup from Eleebana or free delivery
to the local area.  Please phone Wendy on 0438 461 949


Warners Bay Community Garden Christmas Raffle 2011!


The raffle will be drawn at WBCG Christmas Party Lunch on Sunday, 4th December at Eat @ Pippis.


Tickets are available in books of 10. Cost of tickets: $2 each or 3 for $5. Ticket books will be mailed to members on request or can be picked up from Trish at 30 James Street Warners Bay.


Fabulous Prizes!

First prize: Picnic Trolley --- (value $109)
Other Prizes:
  • Basket of home made natural wax candles ----(to be advised)
  • Sun Rocket Solar Kettle-----(value $49.90)
  • Wines (Margaret River, Eaglevale Whispering Lake 1 x Sauvignon  and 1 x Cabernet Sauvignon----Value $70)
  • 2 x $50 Gift Vouchers from eat @ Pippis --(Value $100)
  • $40 Gift Voucher from Mac's Timber & Hardware ----(Value $40)
  • Gift Pack Environmentally friendly products ----
    • 2 toothbrushes - handles of bamboo and degradable nylon bristles;
    • Pack of A4 printer paper made from wheat pulp
    • Oz spray lubricant made from lanolin
    • 1 chocolate bilby---(value $28.30)
  • Garden Trolley --- (Value $25.00)
Prizes total approx $400.

Contact Trish for raffle details Ph: 4947 1821
Warners Bay Community Garden
PO Box 561
Warners Bay NSW 2282

Planting Vegetables and Herbs in December  


BUSY BUSY BUSY - December is always one of the busiest times for the home gardener.   

Recommendations: Basil , Beetroot, Capsicum, Chilli, Chives, Climbing beans, Cucumber, Dwarf Beans, Eggplant, Lettuce, Okra, Oregano, Pumpkin , Radish  , Rockmelon, Silverbeet, Squash, Sunflower, Sweet corn, Tomato, Turnip, Watermelon, Zucchini.

For more planting advice see  


Shoo Fly! 



Anyone who has ever encountered fruit fly in their garden knows that sinking feeling when they realise the fruits of their labor have become nothing more than maggot fodder. And lets face it, when you're confronted with the prospect of losing an entire crop of fuit/veg, its very tempting to throw organic principals to the wind and reach for the systemic pesticides to ensure you get something resembling a harvest.


Some organic options:

  • Organic sprays are readily available from local nurseries but still require care and effort to ensure success.
  • Exclusion bags work well and are both commercially available or can be made using domestic window screen. Although effective, they are still fairly tedious and time consuming to implement.
  • Try growing susceptible plants very early or very late in the season to help reduce attack.  
  • Choose less susceptible varieties - i.e. cherry tomatoes rather than their larger counterparts. 
  • Traps can help detect (but not eliminate) fruit fly attacks

If using commercial sprays (organic or otherwise), always ensure you follow the directions to the letter.

Encourage friends and neighbours to ensure any abandoned or unwanted fruit trees are not left to go feral. Dropped and rotting fruit will often negate any attempts to control fly infestations in your own crops.

If despite your best efforts your crops still succumb to an attack, ensure the infected fruit / veg is disposed of properly - kill larvae in boiling water or even better... feed them to your chooks for a tasty treat! 

There have been a few inquiries about renewal of membership fees. Until we get the garden running at Bunya Park, renewal of membership fees will not be required. New members can apply on our website here.
If you'd like any more information on the activities of the Warners Bay Community Garden please call or email Trish.
Click here for contact details.  
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