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Warners Bay Community Garden
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Garden Development Update

Well its been a long journey but we're almost there now. The requirement from council to submit a Development Application (DA) for our community garden in Bunya Park has been an extremely tall order and the team has been slaving away in the background to get everthing completed to the level required.

Here's a brief breakdown of what has transpired so far:
  • The pre-DA meeting was held with LMCC
  • Octopus Garden Design were engaged to produce detailed landscape drawings and these will be completed very shortly
  • The detailed drawings will reflect feedback on the concept plans from the public and the pre-DA meeting with LMCC
  • A Flora and Fauna report has been undertaken for the site
  • The Statement of Environmental Effects is being finalised to reflect the drawings, feedback from the public and the pre-DA meeting with LMCC, and will soon be ready for lodgement
Keep posted for future announcements on the progress of the garden.

Warners Bay Community Garden Christmas Raffle 2011!


Raffle tickets are now available for WBCG Christmas raffle 2011.


Thank you to WBCG members who have generously donated all of the prizes for our raffle. See prize list below.


The raffle will be drawn at WBCG Christmas Party Lunch on Sunday, 4th December at Eat @ Pippis.


Tickets are available in books of 10. Cost of tickets: $2 each or 3 for $5. Ticket books will be mailed to members on request or can be picked up from Trish at 30 James Street Warners Bay.


Fabulous Prizes!

First prize: Picnic Trolley --- (value $109)
Other Prizes:
  • Basket of home made natural wax candles ----(to be advised)
  • Sun Rocket Solar Kettle-----(value $49.90)
  • Wines (Margaret River, Eaglevale Whispering Lake 1 x Sauvignon  and 1 x Cabernet Sauvignon----Value $70)
  • 2 x $50 Gift Vouchers from eat @ Pippis --(Value $100)
  • $40 Gift Voucher from Mac's Timber & Hardware ----(Value $40)
  • Gift Pack Environmentally friendly products ----
    • 2 toothbrushes - handles of bamboo and degradable nylon bristles;
    • Pack of A4 printer paper made from wheat pulp
    • Oz spray lubricant made from lanolin
    • 1 chocolate bilby---(value $28.30)
  • Garden Trolley --- (Value $25.00)
Prizes total approx $400.

All Ticket Books (including unsold tickets) and money collected must be returned to Trish on or before 31st October 2011.
Money collected can be deposited into WBCG Account and ticket books returned by post. Please click here to visit our website for account and payment details  
Drop off to Trish at 30 James St, Warners Bay.

Contact Trish for raffle details Ph: 4947 1821
Warners Bay Community Garden
PO Box 561
Warners Bay NSW 2282
Lake Mac City Council Events 

Sustainable Eating

Saturday, 8th October, 10.00am to 1.00pm

Love good food? Do you know what you are really eating? Gain valuable information about reading labels, artificial additives, genetically modified (GM) foods, food miles, Fair Trade and organic, ethical shopping and more. Information on home cheese and yoghurt making, pickling and preserving.

For more information, visit the LMCC website  


Natural Pest Control and Companion Planting

Thursday, 13th October 2011, 1.00pm to 4.00pm

This three hour session will cover things you can do to control pests in your garden, naturally. These cost effective remedies can be made at home and will not "cost the earth" in more ways than one. Companion planting will further allow for pleasurable and productive gardening.

For more information, visit the LMCC website 


Planting Vegetables and Herbs in October

Enjoy growing and eating your own fresh vegetables this spring. Its time to plant beans, beetroot, capsicum, carrots, eggplant, pumpkin, radish, spring onions and tomatoes!

Favourite herbs to plant now include: basil, chives, coriander, mint, rocket, rosemary and thyme.


For more planting advice see  


Introducing the Assassin Bug
Not so handsome but a friend to the organic gardener!
The Orange Assassin Bug - Gminatus wallengreni or Gminatus australis, Family Reduviidae
Orange Assassin Bug
These are ferocious predators that use their sucking-piercing mouth parts to feed on other insects.  Not to let you down, these bugs get their name from their hunting style.  They tend to remain concealed and still until they ambush any unfortunate prey going for a nice stroll. In one quick and accurate strike they will inject a deadly poison into their prey.  This is the gross part - their poison will cause the tissues to break down so the assassin bug can simply suck up their food like a milkshake. Yuck!
But be warned ... best not to handle them as they will sting in self defence, and unfortunately they will also attack other beneficial insects in your garden such as bees.



There have been a few inquiries about renewal of membership fees. Until we get the garden running at Bunya Park, renewal of membership fees will not be required. New members can apply on our website here.
If you'd like any more information on the activities of the Warners Bay Community Garden please call or email Trish.
Click here for contact details.  
Warners Bay Community Garden Inc.
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What's on in Oct?

Sun 2nd October

WBCG Public Meeting
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Warners Bay Lions Club Hall, Sweet St, Warners Bay

Sat 8th October
LMCC Sustainable Eating 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Swansea Centre
228 Pacific Highway
Swansea , NSW 

Sun 9th October
Lions Club Market Stall
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
John St Warners Bay

Thur 13th October

Natural Pest Control and Companion Planting

1:00 PM-  4:00 PM Belmont Neighbourhood Centre & Community Garden
359 Pacific Highway
Belmont North 

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